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    PureTrust Intelligent Fluorescence Detector ATP Monitor


    PureTrustTM  Intelligent Fluorescence Detector is a multifunctional and potable intelligent luminometer which should be used with our pesticide residue fast detection reagents, surface swabs and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) detection kits.

    The instrument can do fast detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to verify the surface cleaning effects, ALP level in milk and dairy products, and pesticide residue in target samples. It is widely used for on-site fast testing of food, health care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, catering companies, health supervision, hospital or testing organizations and government regulatory authorities.

    The instrument is easy to use, portable and friendly human-device interaction without any training required. Follow this manual to get an easy start.


    PureTrustTM Intelligent Fluorescence Detector uses a highly sensitive

    photomultiplier to detect the bioluminescence generated by the testing reagent. It can quickly and easily calculate and analyze test results according to the strength of the bioluminescence.

    Main features:

    • Equippedwith 4.3-inch capacitive touching screen, Android system and easy t
    • TheAPP has clear dashboard to give you a friendly human-device interaction.
    • Usea high-sensitivity photomultiplier to calculate the fluorescence intensity with high accuracy.
    • Built-in7V lithium battery with charging function and power saving mode which can sleep or shut down automatically.
    • Automaticallystore test records and support retrieval and record statistics by testing
    • Testresults can be exported to the
    • Supportcalibration
    • WithWi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB data communication
    • Withdetection lid sensor, tube and swab detection
    • Witha gyroscope sensor to alert the operator to avoid affecting the test result by excessive tilting when the instrument is running a
    • Smalland portable, fast detection with only 15 seconds per


    • Volume:(L×W×H) 155mm*40mm*85mm.
    • Weight:385g, small and portable, able to operate with one
    • Display:Android system equipped with 3-inch capacitive touching screen and easy to use.
    • Testaccuracy: 1×10-15mol (hygiene).
    • Testrange: 0 - 9999999RLU/s.
    • Testtype: photomultiplier.
    • Countingmode: single
    • Kickstand: optional
    • Sensor:built-in gyroscope sensor, lid open/close sensor and swab sensor.
    • Testtime: 10
    • Testprotection: built-in gyroscope sensor to alert the operator to avoid affecting the test result by excessive tilting when the instrument is running  a  test.
    • Storage: 5G with more than 1 million records storage and expandable by SD card.
    • Datatransmission: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-OTG.
    • Externalconnector: USB-MiNi.
    • Battery:7V 4400mAh rechargeable lithium battery and comply with IEC62133-2 safety standard.
    • Standbytime: 20 days and can test 3000 samples
    • Validation:CE-RoHS




    1-10, 11-100, 101-1000, 1001-10000


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