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    PureTrust Surface Swab for ATP

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    [Product name] Surface Swab

    [Specifications] 5 swabs/ bag, 10 bags/ box


    ATP exists in living cells which degrades quickly after cells are broken. Therefore, the degree of contamination of the target subject can be evaluated by measuring the amount of ATP. ATP and recombinant luciferase can catalyze the oxidation of substrate D-fluorescein and emit fluorescence. The fluorescence intensity is linear with the amount of ATP in a certain range.

    [Applicable scope] Surface of the target subject

    [Kit composition]

    Surface swab50 swabs
    Instructions Instructions1 copy

     [Storage and Period of validity]

    2-8℃,store away from light, valid for 12 months.

    Date of manufacture is shown on the external packing.

    [Detection sensitivity]10-15 mol

    [Applicable instruments]

    Intelligent Fluorescence Detector(MF1000Premium)

    [Detection method]

    1. Removethe Surface Swab (packing bags) from the environment of 2-8 °C and placed for 10-20 minutes to reach room temperature.
    2. Open the package and take out the swabs.
    3. Remove the handle with a wet cotton swab.Swab the target for Rotate the handle to achieve full swab contact with testing surface.
    4. Collect a sample from a 10 × 10 cm2 Press down the swab tip on the target surface atan angle of 30°- 45° and apply Z-shape. For the irregular subject surface, when the surface area is less than 10 × 10 cm2, enough area should be swabbed as far as possible, and continuous consistent method should be used for each detection.
    5. Follow-up operations can be stopped if there is visible dirt on the surface of the target subject, or the swab tip is obviously colored after swabbing.
    6. To avoid dilutingthe reagent, swab the target surface after its liquid slightly dried (no need extremely dry).
    7. If you want to test the liquid, a drop of sample (about 20μL) can be absorbed by the sampler on the cotton swab for detection (do not swabor dip the liquid directly).
    8. After sampling, reinsertthe handle with cotton swab back into the swab tube.
    9. Press the handle topierce the aluminum foil until the handle is fully inserted (the duration from sampling completion to piercing the aluminum foil should not exceed 15 minutes). Gently shake the swab tube side to side for 5-10 seconds (cannot shake the swab tube up dan down), and then wait for 30-60 seconds (prolong the reaction time properly if room temperature is quite low). Insert the swab into the luminometer for detection and read the


    1. Read the instructions carefully before operating.
    2. The Surface Swab can only compatible with Intelligent Fluorescence Detector (MF1000Premium).
    3. Wear a pairof disposable gloves during the operation to avoid the contamination of exogenous ATP.
    4. The swab cannotbe kept under the light nor at room temperature for a long time after opening. Put the rest unused swabs back into aluminum foil bags and seal the bags. Stored the swabs away from light at 2-8 °C.
    5. After removing the swab, observe it firstly tocheck for the damage and leakage. If does, do not use the swab.
    6. Remove the handle with cotton swab to see if it is wet.Do not use the swab which is too much dry.
    7. Do not touch the cotton swab during the sampling process to ensure that the swab is directly contacted with the target surface at the first time. Do not touch the reaction cup at the bottom of the swab throughout the operation to avoid the inaccurate results.
    8. The intelligent fluorescence detector should be placed vertically above 60 degrees during testing process, or it may affect the result. Do not detect under strong light (strong light may increase the test value).
    9. Avoid contamination of reagent or sampling process or may cause inaccurate results.
    10. Proper disposalof the waste during the experiment.



    1-10, 11-100, 101-1000, 1001-10000


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