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Meizheng is focused on food safety testing solutions and has developed multiple product lines for food safety testing, including rapid testing, microbiological testing, and lab testing solutions.

Our solutions are targeted at food supply chains in various industries like grain, feed, milk and dairy, honey, meat processing, distribution, etc. Our testing analytes cover mycotoxins, veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, marine toxins, microbiology, pathogen, hormones, illegal additives, nutrients, reference materials and so on.

Through years of development, Meizheng has set up 1 third party testing laboratory, 4 factories, 5 first-class testing laboratories and 7 confirmatory laboratories.

We have built several R&D laboratories in Beijing, Tianjin, Wuxi, Rizhao and Qingdao in China, and have developed technological platforms including lateral flow immunoassay, ELISA, sample pre-treatment supply, microbiology, reference materials, automated instruments, etc.

Meizheng has passed ISO9001 quality management system and has also set up a certified third party testing lab. Meizheng is committed to provide food safety testing solutions. We have various registered trademarks such as ToxinFast®, HMFAST®, AnticFast® and MicroFast®, which are well-known by customers. Besides China, Meizheng’s products have been sold to over 20 countries like Russia, Belarus, France, United Sates, India, Vietnam, etc.

Meizheng has accelerated various products’ certification process in AOAC and ILVO. In 2021, MicroFast® Enterobacteriaceae Count Plate (EB), MicroFast® Coliform Count Plate (CC), MicroFast® Coliform & E. coli Count Plate (EC), Aerobic Count Plate (AC) have obtained AOAC certifications.

The process of the development of Meizheng:

In 2007,

Establish Beijing Huaan Magnech Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development, sales and services of mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues, GMO and other related testing products in the food and feed industry.

In 2012,  

Establish Beijing Meizheng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of detection food in microorganism, nutrients, veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, hormones, adulteration, illegal additives, heavy metals, mycotoxins and biotoxins in food.

In 2014,  

Established Jiangsu Meizheng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing testing products, software platforms and overall solutions for market supervision systems, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery systems, aquaculture and processing companies, fresh food distribution companies and third-party testing agencies.

In 2015,

Established Beijing Meizheng Testing Co., Ltd., focusing on the development, customization, sales and third-party testing value-added services of laboratory supplies, pre-treatment supply instruments, reference materials, matrix and samples.

Layout overseas markets.

In 2017,

Established Shandong Meizheng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., a production and operation center, with a total area of about 20,000 square meters. There are production workshops covering multiple product lines such as instruments, testing reagents, laboratory supplies, etc., and a production laboratory that meets GMP standards.

In 2019,

Meizheng was incorporated into PerkinElmer, Which is an American global corporation focused in the business areas of diagnostics, life science research, food, environmental and industrial testing.

In milk and dairy industry, our products cover lateral flow rapid strips, combo test kits, ELISA test kits, immunoaffinity columns, cleanup columns, microbial count plates, portable strip readers, incubators, ELISA readers and so on. The various products enables the detection of antibiotic residues, mycotoxins, biotoxins, veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, illegal additives, adulteration, hormones, nutrients and so on.

Grain and feed industry is the earliest business of Meizheng, the related entity Beijing Huaan Magnech Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Over 14 years, the products and solutions have been widely recognized by local customers and institutional experts. Our products cover ToxinFast® quantitative and qualitative lateral flow test kits, ToxinFast® ELISA test kits, ToxinFast® immunoaffinity columns and instruments. We can detect mycotoxins, heavy metal, pesticide residues, etc.

In honey industry, Meizheng products cover lateral flow rapid strips, ELISA test kits, enabling rapid detection of antibiotic residues, pesticide residues, pathogens and so on.

Meizheng microbiology industry focuses on the development of rapid test technology of microorganisms. The rapid culturing platform, immnoassay platform and molecular biology technology platform have been established successively. The products cover the microbial count plates, real time PCR kits, colloidal gold cards, Hygiene monitoring system, etc.

In analytes, Meizheng can detect mycotoxins, veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, marine toxins, microbiology, pathogen, hormones, illegal additives, nutrients and so on.

From technologies, we have lateral flow immunoassay, ELISA test kits, microbial detection test, immunoaffinity column(IAC), cleanup columns, solid phase extraction(SPE) columns, QuEChERS and other laboratory supply.

In lab testing, Meizheng has reference materials, incubators, readers, ATP monitoring systems, Pre-treatment supply, equipment and so on.

Vision: Committed to safeguarding global food health!

Mission: Make the detection more accurate and convenient; Make the food safer and healthier!

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