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Aflatoxins Total ELISA Test Kit for Grains and Feed

The Aflatoxin Total ELISA Test Kit is a competitive ELISA for the quantitative analysis of aflatoxin in grain, nuts, cottonseed, and feed products.Brochure-Grains & Feed Test. PDFMeizheng Bio-Tech Company Overview. PDF

Pesticides Sodium Pentachlorophenol ELISA Test Kit for Meat

Order No.:ME49AERBrochure-Meat, Eggs and Seafood Test Ver.2022-1Meizheng Bio-Tech Company Overview. PDF

Honey Pesticides Acetamiprid ELISA Test Kit

Order No.: SC0062LOD: 0.2 ppbPackage: 96T[Scope of Application]Qualitative or quantitative analysis of acetamiprid in honey.


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