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    Swabs for ATP Hygiene Monitors is used for collecting a sample for the ATP Hygiene Monitor.

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    PureTrust Surface Swabs PTS100

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    Order No.: PTS100It fits for Meizheng PureTrust Intelligent Fluorescence Detector(MF1000Premium).

    PureTrust Surface Swabs PTS200

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    Order No.: PTS200It fits for Meizheng PureTrust Intelligent Fluorescence Detector(MF2000).

    PureTrustTM Surface Swabs

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    Coming Soon!ATP exists in living cells which degrades quickly after cells are broken. Therefore, the degree of contamination of the target subject can be evaluated by measuring the amount of ATP. ATP and recombinant luciferase can catalyze the oxidation of substrate D-fluorescein and emit fluorescence. The fluorescence intensity is linear with the amount of ATP in a certain range.


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