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Antibiotic Quinolones ELISA Test Kit for Honey and Dairy

Qualitative or quantitative analysis of quinolones in honey, milk, milk powder, etc.

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The quinolones are a family of synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics. The majority of quinolones belong to the subgroup of fluoroquinolones. Some of these fluoroquinolones are admitted as antibiotics especially for cattle, pigs, chicken, and fish/shrimp farming.

The Quinolones ELISA Kit produced by Meizheng significantly reduces both the testing cost and the operating difficulties.

Use Principles:

Quinolones ELISA Kit is an indirect competitive enzyme-labeled immunoassay. The quinolones antigen is precoated on the wells. The precoated antigen compete the quinolones antibody (antibody solution) with quinolones in the sample, anti-quinolones antibody binds to the quinolones-HRP enzyme conjugate. Then pipette the substrate solutions to the wells to convert the color.

The color of unknown samples is compared to the color of the standards and the quinolones concentration of the samples is derived.

Order No.SC0039
Sample TypeHoney, milk, milk powder, etc.
MethodologyIndirect competitive enzyme-labeled immunoassay.
Packaging96 Wells
StorageThe kits should be stored at a dry place away from the sunlight and the storage temperature is 2-8˚C. DO NOT FREEZE!
Shelf lifeThe validity for this kit is 12 months
Lead timeShipped within 5-12 working days.
Cross ReactivityCiprofloxacin (CIF) 100%
Enrofloxacin (ENR) 200%
Norfloxacin (NOR) 150%
Ofloxacin (OFL) 60%
Danofloxain (DAN) 60%
Sarafloxacin (SAR) 50%
Marbolxacin (MAR) 12%
Enoxacin (ENO) 85%
Pefloxacin (PEF) 61%
Lomefloxacin (LOM) 73%
Enoxacin (ENX) 110%
Difloxacin (DIF) 50%
Amifloxacin (AMI) 75%
Calculate ResultAnalyze the result by using the software
Sensitivity 0.5ppb
Limit of detectionHoney, milk powder 2ppb
Milk 4ppb
Percent Recovery, %Milk and honey 100±20%
Milk powder…………………………………………………………….90±30%
Precision (CV %):Intra-lab assay: CV<10%

Provided Materials and Reagent

Component96 wells
Antigen coated plate12 test strips of 8 wells each
6 vials of standard1ml each
High Concentration Standard (1ppm)1ml
Auxiliary extracting agent3ml
QNs Enzyme conjugate6ml
QNs Antibody Solution6ml
Substrate A6ml
Substrate B6ml
Concentrated Wash Buffer (10×)40ml
Concentrated sample diluting buffer40ml
Plate cover sheet2
Testing Report1


Note: The concentrations of the standards are 0ppb, 0.5ppb, 1.5ppb, 4.5ppb and 13.5ppb, 40.5ppb.

Materials Required But Not Provided

  1. Devices:

—- Microwell plate Reader (450nm/630nm)

—- Vortex

—- Incubator (optional if the room temperature can reach 25℃)

—- Rotary evaporator/nitrogen evaporator

—- Centrifuge

—- Balance (sensibility: 0.01g)

—- Transfer pipette

—- Centrifuge tube: 10ml

—- Micropipette: Single channel pipette (10µL-100µL, 100µL-1000µL), Multi-channel pipette (30µL -300µL)

  1. Reagent:

—- Methanol (AR)

—- Dichloromethane (AR)

—- N-hexane (AR)

—- Sodium sulphate anhydrous (AR)

—- Sodium carbonate (AR)

—- Sodium hydrogen carbonate (AR)

—- Ethyl acetate (AR)

—- Acetonitrile (AR)

—- Deionized water

—- Concentrated sulfuric acid (18 mol/L)

 Note: The pictures shown are sample product pictures.

For the actual product, please check Provided Materials and Reagent or consult the sales manager.


1-10, 11-100, 101-1000, 1001-10000


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