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MF2000 ATP Hygiene Monitoring System

MF2000 Intelligent Fluorescence Detector is a handheld fluorescence detection instrument used with our surface sampling swabs.

Combined with the detection reagent, the surface hygiene can be quickly detected and used to verify the cleaning effect. Widely used in food, health products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, catering enterprises, on-site rapid detection of health supervision, hospitals, government supervision and other departments.

This instrument is easy to use, easy to carry, and friendly to human-computer interaction. No professional installation training is required, and you can easily operate it according to the instructions in the manual.


MF2000 Intelligent Fluorescence Detector uses photosensitive sensor technology to detect the biofluorescence generated by the detection reagent. It calculates and analyzes the detection result according to the biological fluorescence signal value, and the detection result can be obtained quickly and easily.

Convenient for human-computer interaction

Equipped with low battery reminder and automatic shutdown.

The test results can be uploaded to the PC.

The instrument has a calibration function.

Equipped with USB data communication interface.

Equipped with detection hatch sensor, swab insertion detection sensor.

Equipped with a gyroscope sensor, when the instrument starts and starts to detect, it

can remind the user to avoid excessive tilting.


Volume: (L×W×H): 184mm*75mm*38mm

Weight: 248g

Display: RT-Thread system, 2.5-inch LCD screen

Detection accuracy: 1×10 -15 mol (hygiene)

Detection range: 0-99999RLU/s

Sensors: Built-in gyro sensor, hatch sensor, swab detection sensor

Detection time: 8.5s

Detection protection: built-in gyroscope sensor to alert the operator to avoid affecting

the test result by excessive tilting when the instrument is running a test.

Storage: 10,000 pieces of data can be stored

Data transfer: USB-OTG

Body interface: USB-Type C

Battery: Two AA batteries (1.5V)

Electrical Parameters:Rated voltage 3V/Rated current 0.35A

Standby time: continuous detection of 10,000 samples, continuous working time > 24

hours for AA Nanfu battery)

Environmental Condition:

Temperature:10℃ -40℃      Humidity:RH ≤ 85%

Atmospheric Pressure:Altitude < 2000 meters



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