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MicroFast™ Coliform Count (CC) Plate AOAC Certificated

Order No.: LR1002


Micro Fast™ Coliform Count Plate (CC) is a sample-ready-culture medium system. It uses innovative technologies such as

rapid diffusion systems and new-generation microbial coloration to achieve rapid proliferation and interpretation of colonies,

greatly improving the detection efficiency in the laboratory.

The plate contains prefabricated type of medium, cold water gel and indicator (Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride). It is intended

for the determination of coliform bacteria in various foods and food raw materials and production environments. It can also

be used for the determination of heat-resistant coliforms in food materials and production environments.


1. The shelf life of count plate is 18 months. Use up within the shelf life. Lot number can be found on the pouch.

2. The count plates components are sterilized. Unopened count plates should be stored at 2-8°C. Equilibrate the count

plate to room temperature before use.

3. After unsealing, stick the pouch with adhesive tape or seal it with a sealing clip, store it in the dark, at room or ambient

temperature 15°-25°C, and use it up within one month.

4. When transporting or short-term storage, store the count plate at room temperature.

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