Add Something Fresh and Delicious to Pre-Made Dishes – Reasonable Seasoning to Solve Difficulties

Pre-fabricated vegetables refer to finished or semi-finished products that are pre-processed using agricultural, livestock, poultry and aquatic products as raw materials, together with various auxiliary materials.

Pre-prepared dishes have a long history of development. According to market demands and uses, pre-prepared dishes can be roughly divided into ready-to-eat, ready-to-heat, ready-to-cook and ready-to-cook foods.

Instant food and some instant food represented by instant food have a long development time, relatively mature products, rich umami raw materials, high level of seasoning technology, good taste and flavor, and stable product flavor during the shelf life. Ready-to-cook and ready-to-cook foods are developing rapidly at this stage. R&D personnel often choose seasoning raw materials in a hurry. In addition, products are mostly stored and transported in the cold chain, which often leads to the loss of flavor, and consumers often cannot taste the original product when eating. Some flavors cannot get a good consumer experience.

Corresponding to this kind of phenomenon, we should avoid using only a single raw material when seasoning, and try to use a variety of seasonings in combination. The synergy between the seasonings can greatly reduce the flavor loss caused by the instability of a single raw material. Yeast extract (YE) is a natural seasoning and flavor-enhancing food ingredient, which is widely used in various fields of food. The use of yeast extract products in the seasoning of prefabricated dishes can achieve the purpose of seasoning and stabilizing the flavor.

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