Meizheng Bio-Tech Hosts International Webinar to Share Insights on Food Safety Testing Standards on Microbiology

Meizheng Bio-Tech, a Chinese leading company specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing food safety rapid testing products, on Jan. 17th hosted a virtual webinar themed “ Food Safety Testing Standards and Regulations ” with its parent company PerkinElmer.

The webinar invited food safety professor ZENG Jing from General Administration of Customs in China, who shared insights into interpretation of GB 29921 National Food Safety Standard Limit of Pathogen in Foods. Dr. Zeng introduced the Chinese food safety management system and discussed the limitation standard on pathogens and also indicators of various food categories. The 90 minutes virtual webinar generated a lively discussion on the topic. Viewers actively participated in the livestream by asking questions to the presenting expert and sharing thoughts on the testing techniques.

As a leading company in the food safety testing fields, Meizheng Bio-Tech has multiple product portfolio on pathogen and indicator rapid testing. The rapid culture technology platform and molecular technology platform have been established to provide MicroFast® Microbial Count Plates, MicroFast® Real Time PCR kits, MicroFast® Rapid Test Cassette (lateral flow) and PureTrustTM Intelligent Fluorescence Detector. MicroFast® Aerobic Count Plate, Coliform Count Plate, Coliform & E.coli Count Plate, Enterobacteriaceae Count Plate, Staphylococcus aureus Count Plate and Yeast & Mold Count Plate are certified by AOAC.

In addition to microbiology, Meizheng Bio-Tech also bring developed and marketed a robust product portfolio, including rapid tests for mycotoxins, drug residues, pesticide residues, illegal additives, etc. Meizheng Bio-Tech is devoted to providing overall food safety testing solutions for users.

Upholding the company’s spirit of integrity, quality and scientific innovation, Meizheng Bio-Tech hopes to serve as an international academic platform for the food safety community. For more webinar and campaign information, please follow us on Linked-in: .