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Animal Tissue and Feed Illegal Additive Ractopamine ELISA Test Kit

Qualitative or quantitative analysis of ractopamine in swine urine, animal tissue, swine serum, feed and other samples.

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Ractopamine is a phenylethanolamine β2-adrenergic receptor agonist with a wide range of physiological effects. It is mainly used in the clinical treatment of bronchial asthma, congestive heart failure and muscular dystrophy. When the dosage is 5 to 10 times higher than the clinical dosage, it can regulate metabolism in the body, increase fat decomposition, promote protein synthesis, and show a nutrient redistribution effect. Adding it to the feed greatly improves the lean meat rate of livestock. When humans eat animal tissues containing ractopamine, it is very easy to produce toxic reactions such as rapid heartbeat, tremors, palpitations, etc., which will lead to teratogenic and carcinogenic human body.


Ractopamine ELISA Kit is an indirect competitive enzyme-labeled immunoassay. The ractopamine antigen is precoated on the wells. The precoated antigen compete the ractopamine antibody (Antibody Solution) with ractopamine in the sample, ractopamine antibody binds to the ractopamine Enzyme Conjugate. After the color development of TMB Substrate, the absorbance value of the sample is negatively correlated with the ractopamine contained in it. Compared with the standard curve and multiplied by its corresponding dilution factor, the content of ractopamine in the sample can be calculated.

【Cross Reactivity】

Ractopamine 100%

Dobutamine <1%

Dopamine hydrochloride <1%

Clenbuterol <1%

Salbutamol <1%

【Materials Required But Not Provided】

  1. Devices:

—- Microplate Reader (450nm/630nm filter)

—- Constant Temperature Incubator (Optional)

—- Homogenizer

—- Vortex

—- Centrifuge

—- Centrifuge tube: 5mL/7mL, 50mL

—- Graduated Pipette: 10mL

—- Rubber Bulb Syringe

—- Balance (sensibility: 0.01g)

—- Micropipette: Single channel pipette (10-100µL, 100-1000µL)

Multi-channel pipette (30-300µL)

  1. Reagent:

—- Deionized Water

—- Methanol (AR)

—- Trichloroacetic Acid (CCl3COOH) (AR)

—- 18M Concentrated Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)

【Provided Materials and Reagent】

Component 96 wells
Antigen Coated Plate96T
6 vials of Standard1mL each
High Concentration Standard (100ppb)1mL
Enzyme Conjugate6mL
Antibody Solution6mL
Substrate A6mL
Substrate B6mL
Concentrated Wash Buffer (10×)40mL
Concentrated Sample Diluting Buffer Ⅰ50mL
Concentrated Sample Diluting Buffer Ⅱ15mL
Package Insert1
Testing Report1
Plate Cover Sheet2

Note: The concentrations of the standards are 0ppb, 0.05ppb, 0.15ppb, 0.45ppb, 1.35ppb, 4.05ppb.


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