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Honey Antibiotic Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin Rapid Test Kit

Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay that determines the qualitative level for the presence of streptomycin/dihydrostreptomycin residues in honey. This test is designed for on-site rapid detection in various enterprises, testing institutions and supervision departments.

Order No.: JC0766

【Limit of Detection】(μg/kg=ppb)

AntibioticDetection Limit (μg/kg)

【Scope of Application】


【Kit Contents】

  1. Test strips: 6×8 strips (48 strips total)
  2. Microwells (Reagent wells): 6×8 wells (48 wells total)
  3. Concentrated Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin Sample DilutingBuffer: 1 bottle
  4. QR Code (Optional)

【Materials Required But Not Provided】

  1. Electronic balance (accuracy above 0.01g)
  2. Pipette (10-100μL,20-200μL, 100-1000μL, 1-10mL)
  3. Centrifuge tube (10mL)
  4. Vortex
  5. Timer
  6. Incubator
  7. Reader(Optional)
  8. Deionized water

【Solution preparation】

Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin Sample Diluting Buffer: add 1mL Concentrated Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin Sample Diluting Buffer to 14mL deionized water and mix well.

【Sample Preparation】

Weigh out 1.0 ± 0.01g honey sample into a 10mL centrifuge tube, add 5mL Streptomycin/Dihydrostreptomycin Sample Diluting Buffer, and ready for assay after sufficient vortex.

【Test Procedure】


  1. Before use, restore the test strip, microwellsreagent, sample diluent and samples to be tested to room temperature (20-25℃). The number of samples to be tested at one time shall not exceed 8. If the number of samples to be tested at one time exceeds 8, please test in batches according to 8 samples each group.
  2. Take the required number of microwellsand test strips, mark them, and place the microwells on the incubator (40˚C).
  3. Use a single channel pipette, add 200μLmixed sample after vortex to each microwell. Dissolve the coating conjugate in the microwell by pipetting the content up and down until it fully mixed for incubation. Incubate for 3 minutes at 40˚C.
  4. Insert the test strip into the microwell immediately for reaction, and develop color for 5 minutesat 40˚C.
  5. Remove the absorbent pad, and interpret test results within 1 minutee.

【Interpretation of the Results】

  1. Visual interpretation

A color line always appearing in the upper section of the test strip indicates that the test strip is working properly. This line is Control Line (C). A line in the lower section of the test strip indicates the test results. This line is Test Line (T).

  • Negative Sample (-):2 lines are visible. If the intensity of Test Line (T) is greater than or equal to Control Line (C), it indicates that streptomycin/dihydrostreptomycin in the sample is less than limitations. (Please see image above).
  • Positive Sample (+):If the intensity of Test Line (T) is lower than Control Line (C) or only Control Line (C) is visible, this indicates streptomycin/dihydrostreptomycin in the sample is greater than or equal to the limitations (Please see image above).
  • Invalid results:If Control Line (C) is invisible, the test is invalid, and the sample should be re-tested by using a valid new test strip (Please see image above).
  1. Interpretation by Reader

Please read the result in 1 minute and refer to the instruction manual of the Reader.


  1. Different batches of test strips, microwells and QR codes cannot mixed use.
  2. The pipette tip, centrifugal tube and other consumables should not be mixed to avoid cross contamination.
  3. The product is a disposable consumable, and do not use it beyond the expiration date.
  4. Please do not touch the membrane on the strips. Avoid direct sunlight and direct wind when testing. If you touch it carelessly, please discard it.
  5. Remove microwell sealer slightly to prevent the powder from being released from the wells. Please seal and store the opened products as required and use them as soon as possible, avoid affecting the test results.
  6. Do not take tap-water, distilled water or deionized water as a negative control.
  7. When the sample test results are positive, it is recommended to repeat the test.
  8. Obvious breakpoints on the test line of the test strip will affect the test results, so it is recommended to repeat the test.
  9. After reaction, be sure to remove the absorbent pad at the lower end of the test strip immediately, and interpret the result within 1 minute, because the color depth of the test strip will change after drying, which will affect the final result.
  10. After the reagent is taken out of the reagent can, please cover the lid of the reagent can immediately. If 8 microwells cannot be used at a time, the remaining microwells should be put back to the reagent can with drying agent immediately and sealed for storage.
  11. The test results of this product are for reference only. For confirmation, please refer to the relevant national standards and methods.

【Storage and Shelf Life】

  1. Storage: The kits should be storedat a dry place away from the sunlight and the storage temperature is 2-8˚C. DO NOT FREEZE!
  2. Shelf life: 12 months.
  3. Production date, expiration date and lot number please refer to the label on the out package.


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