Kazakhstan Notified the Results of Unqualified Sampling Inspection of Meat Products

Kazakh Health and Epidemiological Monitoring Committee official website news on May 6: The bureau notified the results of unqualified sampling inspections of meat products in Kyzylorda Region in April 2022.

According to the website, in April 2022, the Kyzylorda State Health and Epidemiological Monitoring Center sampled a total of 173 samples, of which food samples accounted for 71.7% (domestic: 22.5%, other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union: 67.0%, third countries: 10.4%).

After testing, 14 samples violated the requirements of technical regulations: 3 samples did not meet the requirements of microbial indicators, and meat products (meat slices, meatballs and minced meat) were found to contain Escherichia coli. Eating such products can easily cause intestinal infections. Epidemiological service experts recommend heat treatment when consuming such products.

In addition, the physical and chemical indicators of 2 products did not meet the requirements, 8 products did not meet the labeling requirements, and some products were expired.

In terms of country of origin, 7 substandard products are domestic products, and 7 products are imported products.

For products that do not meet the requirements of technical regulations, Kazakh officials have notified relevant companies to take corresponding disposal measures, and imposed fines on illegal companies and taken products off the shelves in accordance with the requirements of the Administrative Law Code.

Using meat test kits to ensure the safety of meat in production and marketing.