A Shanghai Store of Manner Coffee is under Investigation

Recently, the law enforcement officers of Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau inspected the first store of Wujiang Road of Shanghai Yinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. (MANNER COFFEE Wujiang Road Pedestrian Street Store) and found that the store had poor sanitation and did not store food according to regulations. The on-site inspection found that waste paper scraps and stickers after food packaging were scattered on the ground in the food processing area of the party’s store, and the floor was dirty. The food bags for sale after packaging were placed directly on the ground, which would pose a risk of contamination. It is also found that the parties stacked the food raw material “Meiji Milk” (7 boxes) on the ground outside the store at room temperature, and did not store it in a refrigerator at 2°C-6°C according to the storage requirements on the product label. Law enforcement officers on the spot ordered the parties to immediately close the store to clean up the environment, put the milk in the refrigerator, and check the properties before opening the package. The party’s behavior of poor environmental hygiene and failure to store food according to regulations is suspected of violating the relevant provisions of Article 33(1) and Article 54(1) of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China. The District Market Supervision Bureau has filed a case for investigation in accordance with the law.

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