The Incident of “Classy Kiss” Yogurt Yeast Exceeding the Standard

Public opinion overview

In response to recent media reports that Classy Kiss yogurt has excess yeast in sampling inspections, Classy Kiss Dairy issued a statement on June 16, promising that its products meet national standards.

It is reported that the incident was the result of the random inspection in December 2021, and the result was reported by relevant media in April this year. At that time, Classy Kiss Dairy released a quality report on its official Weibo and responded. Classy Kiss Dairy said that all indicators of Classy Kiss’ “One Hour After Meal” products have been tested by the official, third-party and self-inspection and all meet the national standards.

In this statement, Classy Kiss Dairy mentioned that after comprehensive analysis and judgment by the professional team, it was identified as an isolated incident of yeast exceeding the standard in the product due to the storage or terminal temperature of the product after leaving the factory. In addition, Classy Kiss Dairy also gave a detailed explanation of the review process and control measures of the incident.

Public opinion

Although yeast is not a pathogenic bacteria, its excess may lead to spoilage of yogurt. The excess yeast in yogurt may be related to the process control of the production enterprise, the storage conditions in the transportation process and the sales process. Whether it is a manufacturer or a seller, attention must be paid to strictly control product quality, transportation conditions and storage conditions.

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