Extracted Oil vs Pressed Oil, How do You Choose?

Edible oils are a daily necessity, and many consumers are often torn between buying pressed oil or leached oil. So, what’s the difference between the two?

According to the different oil extraction process, edible oil can be divided into pressed oil and leached oil. Pressed oil is a traditional craft product, which is often portrayed as “safe”, “healthy” and “high-end”. As a new technological product of the modern food industry, leaching oil is often dismissed as “unhealthy” and “unsafe”.

Is this true? Come and learn the following questions about pressed and leached oils:


After eating hundreds of years of pressed oil,

Why introduce the “leaching” process?

“Pressing” is to squeeze the oil out of the oilseed with the help of external mechanical force. The oil extraction rate of the pressing method is low, and a considerable amount of oil remains in the pressing residue.

If the leaching method is used, the oil content in the residue can be reduced to less than 1%, which greatly improves the oil yield and reduces waste. And the “leaching” process can be done on a very large scale compared with the “pressing” process.

Without oil extraction, there would be no scale and modernization of China’s oil and fat industry today, which cannot be surpassed by the “pressing” process.


How safe is leaching oil?

The leaching method uses organic solvents to extract and dissolve the oil in the oil, and then remove the solvent in the oil by heating and stripping. Extraction is only a physical process, without chemical reaction between oil and solvent. These organic solvents have low boiling points and are highly volatile, and are basically cleaned up in the refining process.

Edible oil produced by leaching method, as long as it meets the technical quality standards of edible oil promulgated by the state, is high-quality and safe edible oil, and can be eaten with confidence.


Is the pressed oil the oil we buy?

In fact, no matter whether the pressing process or the leaching process is adopted, the oil obtained can only be crude oil (also called crude oil). Lighter, clarified refined oils can only be marketed when they meet the standards of all levels of oil.


Does the leaching oil lose a lot of nutrients?

Regardless of “pressing” or “leaching”, the lipids in the oil that are beneficial to human health, such as phospholipids, vitamin E, sterols, etc., will be extracted into the crude oil along with the oil. As long as the quality of the raw materials is guaranteed, and the refining and refining processes are scientific, the nutrition of the leached refined oil can be guaranteed.


special reminder

1. Whether pressing oil or leaching oil, you should go to regular channels to buy edible oil with clear origin and shelf life. Although the unrefined self-pressed oil on the market has a special flavor, it contains a lot of impurities, especially the content of aflatoxin may be higher, and the soil-pressed oil has not undergone strict inspection and quarantine, there are many food safety issues. risk.

2. According to the degree of refining, vegetable oils such as peanut oil, soybean oil and corn oil are generally classified into first-class, second-class, third-class and fourth-class. The higher the level, the more refined it is. However, whether it is first-grade oil or fourth-grade oil, as long as it meets the food safety standards of edible oil in my country, it is a high-quality and safe edible oil, and everyone can use it with confidence.

3. Many people know not to eat only one kind of oil for a long time, so they always use soybean oil and peanut oil instead. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Don’t eat only one kind of oil for a long time. It means not to eat only oil with similar fatty acid ratio, but to eat oil with different fatty acid ratio. Such as soybean oil, peanut oil close; corn oil, sunflower oil close; olive oil, tea seed oil close and so on.

Seeing this, I believe that my friends have understood, don’t worry too much about pressing oil or leaching oil, just choose the variety you like, as long as it meets the national food safety standards, it is a good oil that can be eaten with confidence.

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