Hot Spots of The Week

On June 1, 2022, Beingmate’s organic A2 new product launch conference was successfully held in Hangzhou. At the press conference, Beingmate’s first organic A2 product, Aijia Organic A2 Milk Powder, made a big debut. At the same time, Beingmate founder and national milk dad Xie Hong, Beingmate Research Institute President Chu Xiaojun, well-known mother and baby blogger Rice Cake Mom, etc. Celebrities from the industry also attended to witness the milestone moment in the development of the high-end organic milk powder industry.

Yili and Argentina national football team reach cooperation

Recently, Yili announced that it has officially become the sponsor of the Argentine national football team in China, and will join hands with the Argentine national football team in the future to launch a new era of football business. Relying on the splendid on-field performance and excellent records in previous years, the Argentine national football team has won a solid fan base and strong market appeal in China. As a partner, Yili always adheres to the corporate creed of “Yili is quality”, regards quality as life, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with many major international and domestic sports events over the years.

Ausnutria initiated the establishment of “Hunan Special Food Association”

Recently, the 2022 Hunan Provincial Seminar on the Operation and Use of Formulas for Special Medical Purposes was held in the Ausnutria Global Headquarters Building. Chairman Yan Weibin said that in the future, Ausnutria will continue to actively cooperate with all walks of life under the guidance of the concept of “Nutrition makes life better, Ausnutria makes nutrition better”, and promotes the further improvement of special medical food industry standards and related policies. Actively participate in the creation of industry associations and other work, and contribute to accelerating the development of the special medical food industry in Hunan Province and promoting the construction of a healthy China. Liu Xuecong, vice president of Ausnutria China, introduced the preparations for the establishment of the “Hunan Special Food Association”.

Biostime and Peppa Pig cross-border cooperation

Recently, Biostime announced a brand co-branding with the famous animation IP Peppa Pig. The two parties jointly launched the Peppa Pig co-branded gift box. All linked products have been customized from the appearance, only to bring more benefits to children and parents. The extraordinary “parent-child experience” leads a positive and healthy family concept and encourages children to experience life happily.

Reckitt Benckiser continues to push for sale of baby formula business

Recently, Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the situation as saying that Reckitt Benckiser is trying to sell its infant nutrition unit, but only a few private equity funds have followed up the bid. Among them, Clayton Dubilier & Rice is one of the few acquisition companies to submit a non-binding bid for this. Reckitt Benckiser asked for an offer for the business by the end of May. The U.S. is Reckitt Benckiser’s biggest market, and the ongoing baby formula crisis has “scared” potential “suiters,” the people said. Also, some private equity firms are waiting to see how the U.S. situation unfolds before deciding whether to go ahead and acquire the business.

Danone discloses the quarterly results of the region where China is located last year

On June 2, Danone released its re-written 2021 performance indicators in line with its latest regional market breakdown. Among them, the net sales in the region where China is located in the first quarter of 2021 were 598 million euros, a year-on-year decrease of 10.9%; the second quarter net sales were 832 million euros, a year-on-year increase of 1.3%; the third quarter net sales were 801 million euros, a year-on-year increase of 10.0%; Net sales in the fourth quarter were 777 million euros, an increase of 19.3% year-on-year.

Mengniu releases 2021 Sustainability Report

On May 30, Mengniu Group released the 2021 Sustainability Report (also known as the “ESG Report”, hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), which disclosed in detail its “GREEN Sustainable Development Strategy”, which is in-depth benchmarking against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (hereinafter referred to as “GREEN Strategy”). At the same time, Mengniu also proposed a dual-carbon goal of “carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050” in the report. Mengniu said that in the future, its sustainable development will focus on the five directions of the “GREEN strategy” – sustainable corporate governance, dairy responsibility for common prosperity, environmentally friendly green production, responsible industrial ecosystem, and universal nutrition. Hui’s excellent products, and through 15 topics and 28 specific actions, help to achieve the national double-carbon goal, comprehensively promote the “GREEN” sustainable development transformation in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and jointly protect the common health of human beings and the earth.

Wandashan Dairy held a high-end new product online conference

On May 29, a new product launch conference was held in Wanda Mountain in the Great Northern Wilderness. The high-end infant milk powder made its debut, and Ma Li was officially announced as the spokesperson of the new product. The new product Zhicai shows a new pattern of Wandashan’s creativity and influence with “Alpine A2 is super rare, fully absorbed and more outstanding”. The online press conference will be broadcast live simultaneously by Wandashan Video, Douyin, and In addition to high-end Zhicai, there are also a number of new products released at the same time.

Modern Dairy officially launched

Construction Project of Standardized Ranch for Ten Thousand Dairy Cow in Tuquan County

On the afternoon of May 27, Modern Dairy joined hands with the People’s Government of Tuquan County, Mengniu Group and Xintai Group to hold a strategic cooperation signing ceremony for the construction project of standardized pastures for 10,000 cows in Tuquan County. Sun Yugang, Executive President of Modern Dairy, said that the Tuquan County Ten Thousand Dairy Cow Standardized Pasture Construction Project is a powerful engine for boosting the revitalization of the dairy industry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and helping Mengniu to comprehensively advance the strategy of “creating a new Mengniu”. With the care and concern of the county government and the strong support of Mengniu Group, Modern Dairy will definitely turn this project into a high-quality project and a win-win project.

Fonterra launches themed events

Recently, the New Zealand dairy company Fonterra’s consumer brand team launched the “Anjia Real Grass Feed, Dare to Be True” theme activity. It is reported that the event was launched on multiple social platforms including Douyin and Xiaohongshu on June 1, covering the three major categories of Anjia brand milk powder, table milk products and room temperature milk.

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