Scientific Milk Selection, are You Doing it Right?

The variety of dairy products on the market is extremely rich and diverse. Pasteurized milk, room temperature milk, yogurt, cheese, milk powder, probiotic powder and other milk and dairy products can be found everywhere in supermarkets. But don’t worry, learn to choose milk scientifically in two steps, and teach you not to worry about buying milk.

The first step in scientific milk selection is to understand the “two tables”, namely the ingredient table and the nutritional composition table. First, the ordering of the ingredients list must follow the principle of having more or less content. Consumers are advised to choose the dairy products with raw milk at the top in the ingredient list. Second, pay attention to the nutrition composition table. “Elements + Energy”, different consumer groups can choose dairy products with different carbohydrate, protein, and fat content according to their own needs. At the same time, consumers also need to pay attention to and learn to calculate the calories of food and achieve a balanced diet, such as the recommended daily energy intake for teenagers About 2000 kilocalories (kcal), excessive intake of high-calorie foods can easily lead to adverse consequences such as obesity; of course, after reading the “two tables”, the production date and shelf life of the product are also worthy of attention.

In the second step of scientific milk selection, it is recommended that consumers prefer milk and dairy products with high milk content. The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022 Edition)” recommends that the general population consume 300-500 grams (g) of milk and dairy products per day. On the basis of the recommended daily intake, consumers can choose different types of dairy products according to their personal consumption preferences and their own circumstances.

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