The Main Problems Often Found in Food Inspections and the Risk Characteristics of Various Types of Enterprises

The main problems found by the enterprise

The 7 links with many problems in the quality system of production enterprises are summarized as follows.

1. Facilities and equipment

Poor management of warehousing facilities, mixed storage of finished products and semi-finished products, storage of cleaners and disinfectants in warehouses; poor management of personal hygiene facilities, storage of personal items in workshop lockers; untimely maintenance and repair of production equipment, lack of necessary environmental monitoring such as temperature and humidity meters measures, the management of drainage facilities is not standardized, and the locker room in the cleaning operation area lacks interlocking devices, which makes it difficult to avoid cross-contamination.

2. Health management

Damaged plant facilities are not repaired in time; insufficient pest control facilities cannot effectively prevent pests from entering; production equipment is not clean enough, with food residues and dirt; key control links are not established according to the characteristics of products, and processing personnel do not hold health certificates. Condition.

3. Product inspection

The inspection level is low, the inspection personnel are insufficient, the loss is serious, the inspection equipment and facilities are incomplete, the inspection items in the original factory inspection records and reports are incomplete, and the verification or calibration of the instruments is not timely. The record of product sample retention is incomplete, and the sample is difficult to trace.

4. the workshop and workshop

The design and layout of the workshop are unreasonable, lack of necessary effective protection measures, and there is a risk of contamination in the clean area; the flow of people and logistics channels are crossed; the flow of people in the workshop is not effectively separated from the living and office areas.

5.Records and document management

Raw material procurement records and purchase inspection records are incomplete; production records are incomplete, lack of environmental monitoring and process parameter records; storage and inbound records are incomplete.

6. Food raw materials, food additives and food-related products

The supplier’s license and product qualification certificate were not requested, and the raw material acceptance items were incomplete. Unqualified raw materials are not returned or exchanged in time.

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7 production process safety control

The cleaning and disinfection were not carried out after production in accordance with the system requirements, and the cleaning and disinfection effects were not verified. In addition to the above-mentioned problems, the inspection team also found that after canceling the production license, some enterprises re-applied for a new license and employed the original employees to continue to produce similar products in the original factory; the quality management awareness of the enterprise management was weak, and there was a mismatch between the actual operation and the system .

Risk characteristics of various types of food production enterprises

1. Special dietary food production enterprises

Compared with other enterprises, the management of facilities and equipment, inspection, records and documents is weak, which is manifested as insufficient storage facilities, drainage facilities, personal hygiene management, laboratory management, inspection capacity and record management. Hygiene management and production process safety control are relatively complete.

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2. Starch and starch product manufacturers

Compared with other enterprises, the problem is not prominent, and the sanitation management is slightly weak, mainly manifested in insufficient sanitation management and pest control measures. Plant and workshop management is relatively complete.

3. Sugar production enterprises

Compared with other types of enterprises, production process control is a weak link. The performance is that the establishment of the cleaning and disinfection system is not perfect, and the cleaning and disinfection results are not recorded and verified as required.

  • aquatic product manufacturers

Compared with other types of enterprises, sanitation management, production process control, raw material and additive management are weak links, manifested as poor sanitation management, insufficient pest control measures, inadequate cleaning and disinfection systems, records, effect verification and use of cleaning and disinfectant management. , did not ask the supplier for certificates and tickets as required, and inspected the raw materials. In addition, the warehouse management of food raw materials does not meet the requirements. Facilities, equipment and workshop management are relatively complete. Seafood test kits can ensure the quality of aquatic product.

5. Manufacturers of roasted seeds and nuts and nut products

Compared with other types of enterprises, inspection is a weak link. Mainly manifested as insufficient inspection capability and imperfect laboratory management. Health management is relatively complete.

6. Fruit product manufacturers

Compared with other types of enterprises, hygiene management, records and document management are weak links. It is manifested as insufficient sanitary management of plant facilities and pest control, and incomplete product information records. The management of facilities and equipment, raw materials and additives is relatively complete.

7. Manufacturers of edible oils, oils and their products

Weak links are hygiene management, plant and workshop management, records and document management. Facilities, equipment and production process control management are relatively complete.

In addition, the problem of beverage production enterprises is not prominent, and the management of facilities and equipment is relatively complete. The weak link of health food enterprises is the safety control of the production process, and the management of hygiene management, inspection, records and documents is relatively complete. The weak links of bee product enterprises are the management of facilities and equipment, workshops and workshops, and the management of inspection, production process control, records and documents is relatively complete. The weak link of potato and puffed food is the lack of sanitation management, and the management of records and documents is relatively complete.