“Washing Powder Milk Tea Became Popular” Caused Controversy

Public opinion overview

Recently, a milk tea whose outer packaging appears to be laundry detergent has become popular and has been searched on Weibo, but it has also caused a lot of controversy. Some netizens questioned, thinking that this kind of milk tea is easy to mislead children and cause accidental ingestion.

It is understood that this “washing powder milk tea” first became popular in Nanjing. It was a Thai-style milk tea product launched by a restaurant. Later, there were also similar-shaped milk tea products in Chongqing, Guangdong and other places.

After the incident, the product “Laundry Liquid Milk Tea” was taken off the shelves, and the product did not appear on any major takeaway platforms.

According to media reports, the Nanjing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation has received relevant complaints. The Jianye District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Nanjing City said it will launch an investigation and a preliminary result will be available within 15 days.

Public opinion

In the face of the fierce market competition environment, merchants are constantly ‘moving their minds’ on packaging, but in order to cater to young people’s curiosity, they make a big fuss about the appearance of products, especially it may mislead children. This approach is very unacceptable. Design can be innovative, but it is not correct.

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