Agricultural Product Testing Laboratory Construction Plan

In recent years, the safety of agricultural products has always been an important aspect of wide attention from all walks of life. The safety of agricultural products is directly related to people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation—food safety, clothing fabric safety, etc. In response to new situations and new problems in the field of agricultural product safety, the state has also further strengthened quality supervision measures, with key support from agricultural product inspection laboratories at various levels, and the role of agricultural product inspection laboratories has become more and more extensive.

  The construction of agricultural product inspection laboratory is a complex system engineering. Based on the experience and lessons of ten years of laboratory decoration design, Guangzhou Locote Laboratory Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., combined with the current problems in the construction process of agricultural product laboratory, briefly introduces the inspection of agricultural products. Matters needing attention in the process of laboratory construction.

Firstly, Principles to be followed

  The purpose of building an agricultural product inspection laboratory is to test the quality of agricultural products and provide scientific and accurate quality data for producers, consumers and the government. Product testing in the laboratory will use a large number of toxic and harmful reagents, which can easily cause adverse effects on laboratory personnel, laboratory instruments and even the surrounding environment.

  1. The protection of laboratory personnel, laboratory equipment and the surrounding environment is one of the important principles that agricultural product testing laboratories must pay attention to.

  2. The rational use of resources and energy conservation in agricultural product testing laboratories are also principles that need to be followed.

  3. The professionalism of laboratory personnel, the completeness and precision of laboratory equipment are all indispensable parts to ensure the accuracy of test results.

Laboratory Design

The construction of the laboratory focuses on design. Locote has been engaged in laboratory design and planning for ten years, and is rich in successful laboratory design experience. At the same time, there are also a group of professional laboratory design talents. From site inspection to design drawing, the whole process is complete. Location service customers.


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