Pig Farmers Can No Ignore Mycotoxins in Corns

Due to the high rate of mildew in aged corn, when it is used for feed production, the mycotoxins in moldy corn will reduce the estrus rate and increase the abortion rate of sows, which is also one of the reasons for the high abortion rate of sows. According to the current market situation, a sow can bring about 15,000-20,000 yuan a year to the farmers. The abortion of the sow causes serious losses to the farmers. This also reminds us that we can no longer treat the mycotoxins in corn. The problem is left unchecked and ignored.

Mycotoxins can cause acute or chronic poisoning in pigs. The main harm of the poisoning is to cause liver and kidney damage and intestinal bleeding in pigs, as well as ascites, digestive dysfunction, neurological symptoms and skin lesions. At the same time, a large amount of mycotoxins can cause Acute poisoning of live pigs leads to the death of pigs, as well as reproductive disorders and abortions in sows. To sum up, the harm to live pigs and sows must be paid attention to by the majority of pig farmers.

Moldy corn is harmful, how should pig farmers deal with it?

Precautions during feed production and use

1. Obvious moldy feed materials must not be used for feed production;

2. The raw materials that cannot be seen by the naked eye should be tested for mycotoxins when purchasing them. If the toxins exceed the standard, they cannot be used in feed production;

3. Although mycotoxins are detected in the raw materials, but not exceeding the standard, mycotoxins should be added in the production of feed to reduce or eliminate the influence of mycotoxins;

4. The raw material or finished feed warehouse should be kept ventilated and dry;

5. Improve the awareness of the harm of mycotoxins to animals, and do a good job in the prevention of mycotoxins to ensure the smooth progress of breeding and the realization of benefits.

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