Precautions for the Detection of Food Microbiological Indicators

In the process of microbiological inspection, in order to ensure the authenticity of the test results, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the operating environment (such as clean benches, rooms) and the tools and utensils used. Bacterial properties, preventing error results due to human errors, and at the same time culturing at a suitable temperature to provide a basis for rational decision-making and production guidance.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, we should do the following:

Sterilization and use of culture medium

1. When configuring each time, pay attention to whether the production date of the medium is within the shelf life, check the date of opening the bottle and the sealing of the bottle mouth to ensure that it has not deteriorated and has not absorbed moisture.

2. When configuring the medium, the weighing should be accurate, including the accurate distribution of saline.

3. It must be ensured that the prepared medium is sterilized now, and the unsterilized prepared medium cannot be placed for a long time, let alone overnight.

4. Ensure constant temperature and pressure during sterilization, and at the same time ensure effective sterilization time.

5. The sterilized culture medium should be stored in the refrigerator, which can be stored for a week, generally no more than 3 days. And to follow the “first in, first out” principle, the first preparation must be used first.

6. When using, according to the usage amount of the shift, first dissolve the culture medium into a liquid state with a water bath, and then lower the temperature of the water area in time (the melted water can be taken out from the water area and placed on the cover of the water bath) Do not keep the medium at high temperature for a long time.

7. When doing product microbial testing, the temperature of the pouring medium should be around 45°C, and it should not be too hot to avoid scalding the bacteria to death; it should not be too cold, and the transformed medium will agglomerate and solidify, which is inconvenient to observe the results.

8. A blank control should be used for each bottle of culture medium.

9. Try to focus on the sample processing, avoid frequently opening the same bottle of culture medium stopper, increase the chance of contamination of the medium, and cause erroneous results.

10. When the remaining medium is too small, it can be poured into a blank plate and wrapped with UV-sterilized material.

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