Why Can’t We Achieve Zero Pesticide Residues in Agricultural Products?

It is impossible to achieve zero pesticide residues in agricultural products anywhere. Reducing pesticide residues and ensuring the safety of agricultural products are the goals of agricultural and pesticide management in various countries.

  At present, pesticide residues in agricultural products in my country are decreasing year by year. The overall pass rate of the results of the 3 to 5 routine inspections of the quality and safety of agricultural products in the country is relatively high, with rice and fruit reaching over 98%, and vegetables and tea reaching over 95%. However, there are still some hidden risks in the problem of pesticide residues in agricultural products, especially the unscientific use of pesticides, the use of pesticides beyond the scope, and the use of fake and inferior pesticides.

  Pesticide is not the culprit of polluting the environment and affecting health, but the hero of protecting the safety of agricultural products. In order to reduce the problem of pesticide residues, it requires the guidance of agricultural technicians, the rational use of producers, and the supervision and inspection of relevant departments. Meizheng Pesticide Residue Rapid Test Kits can detect agricultural and forestry such as fruits and vegetables. The content of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides in the product can be quickly and accurately detected, and both acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase reagents can be used, which meet the requirements of national standards and the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, it can also be used for on-site inspection of fruit and vegetable tea production bases and farmers’ wholesale sales markets, as well as quick safety inspections before processing of fruits and vegetables in restaurants, schools, canteens, and households.

Pesticide residues in agricultural products can be controlled within acceptable risks, and the safety of ordinary people can be guaranteed.