Biotoxin Rapid Test Solution

Biotoxins are biologically active substances produced by various organisms that have certain structural characteristics and are toxic to other organisms, including mycotoxins, bacterial toxins, and marine toxins. Biological toxins have the characteristics of wide range of pollution and high toxicity, which pose a great threat to human health.

Biotoxin Rapid Test Strips

1. Product Introduction

Mezheng Biotoxin rapid test strips are widely used to meet the testing needs of grain and oil, feed, dairy, seafood and other industries. The test items cover Aflatoxin, Zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol, Ochratoxin, Fumonisin, T-2 Toxin, Shellfish Toxin, Tetrodotoxin, Staphylococcus Aureus Enterotoxin, etc.

2. Product Features

① Rapid detection

❖ The pre-treatment operation of mycotoxins is unified, which greatly saves pre-treatment time

❖ The detection time is only 5min and the operation is simple

② Easy to operate

❖ Do not involve complicated operations, you will be able to learn it very easily

③ Green and environmental protection

❖ Use environmentally friendly reagents as extraction liquid

❖ No need to use standard products

3. Product Principle

The product adopts immunochromatography technology, which is an experimental technology based on antigen-antibody specific binding and antibody labeling technology. The test sample is chromatographed under the capillary action of the water-absorbing material and the NC membrane. The biotoxin in the test sample competes with the labeled antibody on the test line (T line) on the NC membrane, and finally passes the test line (T line) Compared with the control line (C line), qualitative or quantitative detection can be realized.

  • 4. Related Devices

HF6000 Portable Test Strip Scanning Reader

Product description: This product is used with our colloidal gold rapid quantitative detection test strips. It is light and portable. It can obtain quantitative results with one key and has passed CE certification.

Product application: suitable for mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues, GMO testing, covering grains, edible oil, feed and other samples, widely used, suitable for on-site testing.

Product description: This product is used with our fluorescent quantitative rapid detection test strip, which is light and portable, and can obtain quantitative results with one key. It has passed CE certification.

Product application: suitable for detection of mycotoxins and heavy metals, covering samples of grains, edible oil, feed, etc.; It is widely used and suitable for on-site detection.

Biotoxin ELISA test kit

1. Product Introduction

Mezheng Biotoxin ELISA test kits cover a wide range of items and are suitable for the test of biotoxins in samples of grains, edible oils, feed, milk & dairy, nuts, shellfish and condiments.

2. Product Features

① Convenient and fast

❖ The pre-treatment operation of 6 kinds of mycotoxins is completely unified

❖ All samples are tested without adjusting the pH value

② The result is accurate

❖ The recovery rate is between 80%-120%

③ Good stability

❖ Coefficient of variation <10%

3. Product Principle

The product uses indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay technology. Antigen is pre-coated on the microwells of the microtiter plate. The biotoxin in the sample and the antigen pre-coated on the microwells compete for the antibody. At the same time, the antibody is combined with the enzyme-labeled antibody (enzyme-labeled substance), and the color is developed by the TMB substrate , The absorbance value of the sample is negatively correlated with the content of the biotoxin contained in it. Compare it with the standard curve and multiply it by the corresponding dilution factor to get the content of the biotoxin in the sample.

4.Related Devices

HF4500 Microplate Reader

Product description: This product can perform single-wavelength or dual-wavelength detection, and can be arranged in rows and columns, which is fast and convenient. It adopts compact hardware design, small size and light weight.

Product application: Suitable for enzyme-linked immunoassay in the field of food safety and other related fields.

HMG-QF fully enclosed incubator

Product description: With automatic time-up, reminder function, temperature deviation calibration function, the temperature control range is between 2℃-65℃, and the heating time is fast. Fully enclosed style avoids the influence of the external environment.

Product application: Use Meizheng’s rapid test strips in the field of grains and feed, ensure the constant temperature environment required for the test strips to react.

HMG-WX Multitube Vortex

Product description: This equipment integrates vortex and oscillation, and can process up to 50 samples at a time, saving operating time and improving work efficiency. A variety of accessories are available, suitable for test tubes of different specifications and wide applicability.

Product application: This device is suitable for high-throughput vortex oscillation during sample pretreatment.