Common Signs of Food Spoilage

As temperatures climb and microbes become more active, so does the risk of food spoilage, especially protein-rich foods. Food spoilage often has some signals, mainly in terms of color, shape, smell, taste and so on.

Tofu. After deterioration, it is dark gray, dark yellow or reddish-brown; the block shape is incomplete, the tissue structure is rough and loose; the surface is sticky, easily broken by touch, inelastic; there is a bad smell such as rancidity.

Livestock and poultry meat. After deterioration, the color of the flesh is dark, and the fat lacks luster; the appearance is extremely dry or sticky to the hands, and the depression after acupressure is slow to recover or cannot be completely recovered; there is an ammonia or sour taste, and even a stench.

Fish. After metamorphism, the eyeball is flat or sunken, and the cornea is cloudy; the scales are incomplete, fall off easily, fade and turn black, and their edges are dry;

Milk. After deterioration, it is light pink or obvious yellow-green, or gray in color; it is in the form of a viscous and uneven solution, with dense clots or flocs; it has obvious peculiar smell.

Eggs. After deterioration, the eggshell is grayish-black or has spots and cracks; it feels light to the touch, and the egg yolk can be clearly felt when shaken; the light is opaque or has a grayish-brown shadow; when it is opened, it is common to see a sticky shell or scattered yellow.

In addition, foods rich in carbohydrates such as grains, vegetables, fruits, sugars and their products will taste sour, wine or musty after spoilage; vegetable oil, lard, butter, butter, nuts, fried foods, etc. are rich in Fatty food will have a sloppy taste when it goes bad.

  The above are all physical identification methods, which are rough judgments and are suitable for identification of food that has already deteriorated to a certain extent. If those spoiled foods with insignificant physical characteristics are ignored and eaten in the stomach, it will cause a series of vomiting, diarrhea, and even poisoning, so It should also be combined with chemical detection methods. The food safety test kits can accurately and quickly detect and identify a series of food safety indicators that accompany different food spoilage. However, our signal is not just to see, smell, touch, taste, but to speak with data.

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