Repeatedly Illegal Use of Pesticides, Pay Attention to Excessive Pesticide Residues

At present, many growers generally use pesticides to kill insects. What is even more frightening is that pesticides are used repeatedly, and some growers even use chlorpyrifos mixed with pesticides! The series of highly toxic pesticides, even if they are used in accordance with the prescribed methods and dosages, still have the risk of exceeding the standard of pesticide residues. For this reason, some vegetable farmers admitted that they mainly rely on the weather to grow vegetables in the open air. Due to objective reasons such as the local climate and soil, they will cause diseases in the vegetables. Therefore, they will no matter whether the pesticides are low-toxic or highly-toxic, they have no choice for the harvest. . Therefore, the use of pesticide residue detectors is a line of defense for people! 

     Pesticide residue rapid test kits can quickly and accurately detect pesticide residues in food. In addition, it can also be used for on-site inspection of fruit and vegetable tea production bases and farmers’ wholesale sales markets, as well as quick safety inspections before processing of fruits and vegetables in restaurants, schools, canteens, and households.