Which Agricultural Products are at Greater Risk of Pesticide Residues?

  Agricultural products all have pesticide residues. Due to the strict management of pesticides and their residues in various countries, agricultural products that meet the pesticide residue standards are safe. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen and consolidate the corresponding inspection and control work. Rapid test kits of pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits, grains, tea and soil.

General organic agricultural products, green food and pollution-free agricultural products, because there are strict regulations on the pesticides used and the methods of use, the pesticide residues are relatively small, and there are few cases of exceeding the standard, which is relatively safe. Food crops such as wheat, rice and corn have a long growth period and a long storage period, and most of the pesticide residues will be degraded, and after processing and cooking, the residues will be further removed and degraded, which is relatively safe. Because most vegetables and fruits are eaten fresh, and the pesticide residues are less degraded, the country has stricter management of pesticides used in vegetables and fruits. In addition to prohibiting the use of highly toxic pesticides, the use technology and safety interval are strictly regulated for the pesticides that are allowed to be used. , there will be no security problems in normal production. For some continuously harvested fresh vegetables and fruits, the residual risk may be relatively high.