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    Bacitracin, Ansamycins, Clindamycin, Spiramycin and Florfenicol Comb Milk Rapid Test Kit

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    The Bacitracin & Ansamycins & Clindamycin & Spiramycin & Florfenicol Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow assay that determines a qualitative level for the presence of  bacitracin, ansamycins,clindamycin, spiramycin and florfenicol antibiotic residues in raw cow’s milk. This test is designed for on-site rapid detection or daily control in laboratories.

    Milk Ansamycins Rapid Test Kit

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    The Ansamycins Rapid Test Kit is a Lateral Flow assay that determines the presence of ansamycins residues in raw milk.Brochure-Dairy Test. PDFMeizheng Bio-Tech Company Overview. PDF


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