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PolyPlus MAX Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Column 500mg/6mL

Part No.:CSS0028Separation technique: Mixed-mode anion exchange for acids Volume: 6mL Composition: 500mg Package:30T/Box

PolyPlus<sup>TM</sup>HLB Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Column 60mg/3mL

Part No.:CSS0016Separation technique: Hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced reversed phase sorbent Volume: 3mL Composition: 60mg Package: 50T/box

PuriTest NH2 Solid Phase Extraction Column SPE Cartridge 500mg/3mL

Part No.: CSS0008Material: Amino Volumn: 3mL Composition: 500mg Package: 50T/Box


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