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Alkaline Phosphatase Rapid Test Kit

Order No.: EC0035Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) is a heat sensitive enzyme that is naturally present in raw milk, and it can be destroyed by conventional pasteurization. This kit can determine whether the samples meet the U.S. and E.U. pasteurization requirements of by determining the content of ALP.ALP activity (mU/L) can be detected by alkaline phosphatase module in PureTrustTM Intelligent Fluorescence Detector. The sample is positive when the detection value is greater than or equal to 350mU/L. The sample is suspicious when the detection value is 100~350mU/L. The sample is negative when the detection value is less than 100mU/L.High-temperature short-time sterilized milk or stable sterilized milk at room temperature may contain reactivated alkaline phosphatase, so they cannot be detected by this reagent.


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